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Exotic Carts

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Exotic carts cartridges

Furthermore, Banana OG is an indica-overwhelming combination of OG Kush and Banana. With a smell and kind of overripe bananas, this half breed certainly wins its name.  Banana OG has tried at over 25% THC and has a notoriety for being a creeper.  Leaving the individuals who over-assimilate in a close to torpid state before serious appetite and drowsiness sets in. Patients treating solid agony, loss of craving, and a sleeping disorder may profit by Banana OG.

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Moreover,  Gelato (additionally alluded to as “Larry Bird”) is another enticing half and half cannabis strain from Cookie Fam Genetics. Following in the strides of its folks Sunset Sherbet.  Thin Mint GSC. This Bay Area, California local gets its name from the fruity,  dessert-like smell,  a typical hereditary string among the Cookie family.

In adittion, her buds will in general sprout in dull purple tones lit up by blazing orange hairs and a sparkling white layer of precious stone pitch.  Learner purchasers might need to approach this THC.  Powerhouse with alert, however those furnished with a high resistance will thoroughly enjoy Gelato’s ponderous elation.  Physical unwinding goes ahead solid,  however many end up still rationally lithe enough to remain profitable and imaginative when getting a charge out of Gelato during the day.

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Grape Head cannabis strain by Bohemiaseeds is an Indica prevailing cross breed.  It has turning leaves that may appear to be twisted yet are absolutely typical. The flavor resembles gritty grapes came in confectioners sugar with a sweet and strongly fruity persistent flavor. It can treat a sleeping disorder, hunger misfortune, and agony. Appropriate for night use.




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